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Lýsa Nátt
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Age statement: I am so much over 18 that I am too old to remember exactly how much.

About me: | A03: lysanatt | DW: lysanatt | Tumblr: lysanatt | Twitter: lysanatt |

Nátt, Lýsa Nátt [li:sa 'naʊtt] night, white night

Former semi-pro mtb-rider turned Theologian turned Icelandic horses-breeder turned English Literature lecturer. I specialise in modernist elitist crap and fanthropology. It's a downhill road.

Fandom: I have a few fandoms I love. I'm picky. I favour snarky, intelligent, flawed characters with lives outside the normative. My preferred fandoms, characters and pairings are:

- Supernatural: Gabriel, Lucifer, Death, Crowley, Balthazar, Sam, Inias, Zachariah, the Impala, Linda Tran, Hannah (Sam/Lucifer, Crowley/Balthazar, Death/Dean, Gabriel/Dean, Sam/Lucifer/Gabriel, although I'd read almost anything as long as it's well-written, from J2 to the rarest of pairings.)
- RPF: Jensen/Misha, Jensen/JDM
- Leverage: Eliot, Sterling, Parker (Eliot/Sterling).
- Harry Potter: Severus, Moody, Percy, Lucius, Kingsley. (Severus/Lucius, Severus/Percy, Kingsley/Percy).
- Nitta Youka: Mochimune (Mochimune/Miyasaka, Masahiko/WMLM!Iwaki)

Communities I own:
spn_weirdnews, an SPN rarepair newsletter (find us at Tumblr here).
severus_lucius - Severus/Lucius romance
snucius100 - drabble community, currently on hiatus
lucius_recs - Lucius news and recs, running from 2005-2007.

Current Projects:
The Theory of Silence and Storms II, Sam/Lucifer, Dean/Gabriel - editing
Debris, Cas/Sam AU - posting
spn_30snapshots - The Impala - in progress
Tweed (Percy/Severus) 5-10/10 - on hiatus

Friending policy: By all means go ahead. If you got real content in your journal, I'm most likely friending back. If you're just here for fic, you don't have to friend me--all my fics are public. They can be found at AO3 as well, if you need the eBook versions.

Apart from that I love active LJers with opinions and things to say and fics and art to show. It's great to get to know new fans and friends. I am usually nice to people I like. I adore, cherish and protect people I love. If you hang around here long enough, you might find yourself amongst them.

Translation policy: Ask and you shall be granted. Steal, and I shall rip you a multitude of orifices. You won't like it.

LJ sponsored-gifts, Twitter-Faecesbook fail policy: Post my comments, or link to them, with LJ's fail-Faecesbook-thing and you're out. As in "yay, I get to use the ban_set feature!". Yeah, I love the world. Also, do not annoy me with LJ's sponsored gifts. They are not gifts, they are ads. Do Not Want Them.

Chair of the 2006 Patronus conference, Copenhagen University, Denmark