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3 Jan 2017, 23:30 - WTF, LJ?
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Moving servers to Russia?

Link: http://copperbadge.livejournal.com/3836642.html

Time to back up, pack up and consolidate on DW... Not sure I want my twelve years of online fandom in the hands of Putin, tbh - plus security, according to links, is now dwindling.
19 Jun 2016, 16:27 - Help me out here, f-listies!
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As some might know, I am a research associate at Aalborg University. I am currently re-doing a survey I did for my thesis five years ago to examine if/how the fandom experience and identity might have changed since then. The (anonymised, obviously) results will be published in a scholarly work at some point.

If any of you would like to do the survey (and maybe throw me a comment if you find anything that doesn't work or need clarification, that'd be fantastic. Survey questions can't be changed, though, as they mirror the 2011 survey) it is here: 2016 Survey.

The survey is anonymous, and nothing, neither IP or anything else, is logged. Any questions, throw me a PM or mail.

Feel free to share the link.
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Title: The Misadventures of James Bondage and Agent 00-Sex, Angel Intelligence Agency Agents
Pairing: Dean/Death, Zachariah/Samandriel, mentioned Crowley/Balthazar. Past Dean/Alastair
Word count:~8K
Rating: E/NC-17
Content: No crack, just porn with a sprinkle of plot. D/s, bondage, public sex, a bit of autassassinophilia (arousal by being in mortal danger), light CBT, sounding, wingkink, unintended use of Death's cane, safe-sane-consensual BDSM.
Warnings: Murder attempt. Past rape attempt mentioned.
Notes: Written for salt_burn_porn and for shinysylver's prompt choking on their halos. Due to the nature of a rushed 24hr challenge, the fic has not been beta'd.
Summary: Dean has been an agent for the US Angel Investigation Agency for a decade, and he's been asked to do a lot of strange things in the name of the service. Going undercover at a BDSM club to catch a murderer, playing the sub for some Dom guy the Agency dug up over at MI6 is not one of them. Until now.

Also at AO3 here.

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19 Nov 2015, 11:13 - Ep 07 reaction
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Ep 07 reaction with obvious spoilersCollapse )

On a similar note, the moose is once again back in Denmark after 5,000 years of absence. Five calves were imported and are to help create more variety in the landscape of Lille Vildmose, a national park in North Jutland. The park is asking for naming suggestions, but I'm not sure that 'Sam' is going to be neither appreciated, nor understood.
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Title: Beautiful Morning
Pairing: Cas/Dean
Rating: M
Word Count: 1,600
Warnings: Nope
Notes: Written for salt_burn_porn and safiyabat's prompt glitter.
Summary: Getting Cas warm after a night in the Impala is not so difficult.

Beautiful MorningCollapse )
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Prince of the Light, King of the Dark
Word count: currently 9535 words
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Death/Dean Winchester
Characters: Death, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Tessa, Ben Braeden, Benny Lafitte, Lucifer
Additional Tags: Sam/Lucifer, past Dean/Lisa, Romance, Fantasy, AU
Summary: For the first time in more than a thousand years, the Dark Land opens its borders for an ambassador from the Light Land. Prince Dean, envoy of Sam, present king of the Light, has his theories about the Dark Land and its ruler, Death. Of course they turn out to be very, very wrong. Romance AU.
18 Jun 2015, 12:35 - Hello New Friends!
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Nice to meet y'all.

I'm trying to get my LJ-love back, and adding new friends is sure going to help. I haven't been very active here because tumblr looked so alluring, but communication? Damn, it's hopeless. But LJ seemed so... empty. I guess it's not very helpful not to post, so. Posting. More.

A fun-looking SPN meme stolen from wings128 and dreamsofspike - at least it gets me talking about fandom and characters. Meme questions are here

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Title: Debris. 3/?
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Castiel
Rating: M/E
Warnings: Nope
Notes: Rated M for later chapters. No Dean bashing.
Summary: When the law firm sent him back to Lawrence, all Sam expected was a house he didn't care for, a job he didn't want, and a year of total small-town boredom. What he hadn't expected was to find Dean's discarded husband in the empty house he had taken over from his brother.

Link to AO3
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Title: Debris
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Castiel
Rating: M/E
Warnings: Nope
Notes: Rated M for later chapters. No Dean bashing.
Summary: When the law firm sent him back to Lawrence, all Sam expected was a house he didn't care for, a job he didn't want, and a year of total small-town boredom. What he hadn't expected was to find Dean's discarded husband in the empty house he had taken over from his brother.

Link to AO3
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Haven't been posting much here, but with Xkit broken, tumblr is hopeless. So I suppose I'll use LJ more.

Onto the business of today: Supernatural, episode 22 reaction.

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16 Jan 2015, 15:21 - The Year in Fic, 2014
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Finally got some time to sit down and make my annual 'the year in fic' post. I think it's safe to say that 2014 was the year when Samifer became my OTP (together with Crowley/Balthazar, whom I love intensely, but dammit, the ship is so rare!) Not that it was my first Samifer rodeo, so to speak; I wrote a novel-length prison!AU Samifer in 2012, but I think the pairing really took up a lot of my brainpower this year.

So, 16 fics, 324,000 words, too little RL.

My three favourites are:
1. A tie between A Young Writer Marked for Death (Samifer, Midam -- and it does have a bit of Balthazar/Crowley, too)
and The Theory of Silence and Storms (Debriel, Samifer)
3. The House Angel (Destiel, Sabriel)

2014 started out with a small ficlet, Thaw (Sam/Lucifer), which turned out nice and bittersweet. 1000 words

No wonder I didn't have time to do much more than that, because finishing the monster The Theory of Silence and Storms (Dean/Gabriel, Sam/Lucifer) was damned important. It is a fic and a world I have used more than a year on, and I am going to continue to write in this 'verse -- a postapocalyptic, non-dystopic future where US is mostly desert and floods, sort of a take on how the globe looks when we're done ruining it and a race of superior beings take over to help save what's left. A03 was kind enough to reverse my chapter edits due to a glitch, and my next project is to go through everything and make sure the fic -- all damned 102,000 words of it -- looks as I want it to look. Yeah, 102K.

After Storm came Marine Research. This fic baffles me. It was a 24hr pinch hit, with an insane lack of plot and with tentacles and less substance than a bag of popcorn. And yet it has so many hits. Whyyyy? Oh, Destiel. It's Cas/Dean. And tentacles. Still.... WHYYYYYY???? when better fics have fewer hits. 2500 words of ... *shakes head*

Cold (Sam/Gabriel) Silly sick!Gabriel ficlet. 600 words.

Then it was another big project: The House Angel (Cas/Dean, Sam/Gabriel). I love house makeover shows, and I watch them whenever I can (I have no TV, so it's rare). I wanted it to be Destiel and Sabriel in equal measures, and entirely without angst except a few pinches. Simply a feel-good fic, in the same way that make-over shows are totally feel-good. Light and good and satisfying. I had so much fun writing it, and I actually found use for my quite substantial knowledge of beer along the way. 93,000 words

You ever wondered what would happen if you put Lucifer in charge of a coffee shop? Yeah? So did I. Although it's only for a weekend, Lucifer certainly discovers The Chemistry of Cookie-Making (Sam/Lucifer with a hint of Dean/Gabriel) - especially because Sam is there to help him. Fluffy we-hate-each-other with a happy end. 11,000 words

And while I was at it with the vocational-themed fics, I pulled out an old plot bunny and wrote a story about hacker!Sam and security expert!Lucifer in The 0/1 Variable (Sam/Lucifer) - which got its title from a program-coding snippet that is basically to ask the computer to determine whether the answer to a question is either yes or no. Very Lucifer. 14,000 words.

Sam, Gabriel and Lucifer had to mix at some point. I love Sabriel almost as much as Samifer, and Gabriel is and will probably always be my favourite SPN character. They got it on in the A/B/O write-in-24-hr-challenge Salt, Burn, Porn. The Mating Habits of the Modern Alpha (Lucifer/Gabriel, Sam/Lucifer/Gabriel). It was a 'fuck you' to the old trope about omegas being weak. Sam isn't, so of course one alpha wouldn't be enough for him. I usually write quite fast, but it still amazed me that in 24 hrs I managed a good night's sleep and 7,200 words.

Riding the Great Dragon (Sam/Lucifer) was a direct result of the above Mating Habits, a call for Christmas prompts and a discussion with sweetonmeclarence about Lucifer as a bottom (not a weak, whiny sub - not the same thing! Not that subbing ever made people weak or whiny) So it's A/B/O dragon rider!AU with a dominant bottom Lucifer and a perky Sam who's soon regretting being a liiiittle too cheeky with his squadron commander. 3,500 words.

A Match Made in Hell (Sam/Lucifer). Demon!Dean thinks he's totally clever when he lets Lucifer out of the cage so that he can torment Sam. As it turns out, that isn't at all what Lucifer intends. 1,800 words.

Then came Private Paparazza (Sam/Lucifer, implied Meg/Ruby). It was just a small ficlet about two sassy journalists going for pictures of a right-wing politician caught in flagrante with the state prosecutor, but OH DAMN did this go wrong? It is now sort of the plotbunny for a giant fic that's going to be my 2015 project as soon as I'm done editing Storms. Anyway, 1K of impending doom - for me, not for the boys or the girls. Frigging plot bunnies! *raises fist at ficlet* And I'm looking at you, kngfishergrl.

In A Brief Argument Between Archangels Regarding Dogs and Other Creatures (Sam/Lucifer/Gabriel), Gabriel and Lucifer have to learn to share like brothers. But there is a lot of Sam, so they manage. 1,100 words.

Movie Night with Popcorn (Sam/Cas/Dean). Team Free Will reunion in the bunker. With Brokeback Mountain, popcorn and kisses. Fluff. 1,200 words.

Company Christmas (Sam/Lucifer). Damn, I love Lucifer as a successful, ruthless businessman, so here's another version: Sam and Lucifer are both tired of being asked to go to the company's annual Christmas party, so they decide to pretend to go with each other. Somehow the 'pretend' part eludes them when they finally get there. 1,800 words.

A Party in a Pear Tree (Sam/Lucifer, Sam/Gabriel, Sam/Gabriel/Lucifer, Castiel/Dean, past Lucifer/Gabriel). Insane gifts, brotherly rivalry and total, silly fluff and lovey-dovey angels. I don't remember having written anything more fluffy. If I wasn't going to Hell already for writing threesome incesty porn between the Devil and his archangel brother a few times before I started the fic, I'd be going to Hell for this one. 24,000 words.

The last fic, which started out as an intended 5K oneshot, turned into a 58K novel about artists in Paris, about poverty and TB and about finding salvation in the strangest of places. It's about poetry and life-long love and I assure you that nobody dies, despite the title. On the contrary. I love this fic, and kngfishergrl's promt that turned a brief comment about a Moulin Rouge!AU into A Young Writer Marked for Death (Sam/Lucifer, Adam/Michael). Deep, angsty at times, and with a lot of obstacles for some of the main characters before love finally happens. It was also my first attempt at writing Midam, and now I love the pairing so much. Heavily featuring Midam next to my beloved Samifer, and a handful of RL poets that lived in Paris at the time. 58,000 words.
10 Jan 2015, 14:44 - SPN Weird News Poll
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Title: Marine Research
Pairing: Cas/Dean (established relationship)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: slight crack, tentacles in several places where they don't belong, general silliness

Marine ResearchCollapse )
31 Dec 2013, 13:05 - 2013: The Year in Fic.
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2013 was a busy year for me. I'm simply not able to write shorter fics, and it showed. (Not entirely true, though. I challenged myself and wrote a few ficlets, some of which I am like a lot -- "Cloudburst" especially.) Perhaps five Big Bangs in one year were a bit over the top. I'm quite sure I'm not writing that many in 2014.

Almost out of Minutes - Future!Cas/Present!Dean, 4,350 words.

Welcome to Casa Erotica - Cas/Sam/Dean, featuring a sneaky Gabriel on the side. 6,900 words.

Paving the Road Between Heaven and Hell - Crowley/Balthazar, 55,600 words. My headcanon for the pairing. Balthazar/Crowley is my rarepair!OTP and this is why. God, they're kinky and bad, bad boys!

Strawberry Kiss - Sam/Gabriel, 2,700 words. Sweet.

The Honey Trap Test - Sam/Gabriel, Cas/Dean on the side, 33,500 words. This was meant to be short, max 15K just to go over the BB limit. Yeah, that went well. On the other hand, I like the Gabriel in it. Bossy, crazy, his usually unimpressed trickster self. Very much precisely how I see Gabriel. He doesn't take shit from anyone, and he certainly takes what he likes. Poor Sam. He doesn't stand a chance.

Laughing as a Young Man Laughs - Death/Dean, 43,000. My favourite fic of the year, and one of the best I've ever written. I love this pairing, and I love and adore Death. Classic cars, Dean and Death falling in love ever so slowly. Dean!issues galore. And Sam/Gabriel on the side.

Naked Truth - Cockles, 2,200 words. I am addicted to actor!RPF. And in this one, Jensen is addicted to Misha. Yes, really. :D Romance and porn, baby!

Cry for the Camera - Cockles. Character study. Misha dealing with Cas killing Dean. 525 words.

You Know I Do - Cockles. That scene. Or rather what happened after. 1,600 words.

The Awesome Wife - Cockles, Jensen/Misha/Vicki/Daneel, Daneel/Vicky. Dunno... are the concepts of open marriage and polyamory so hard to understand? 745 words.

The Good Samaritan - Cockles, character study. Misha is the anti-christ, yes? Because doing good is so satanic and evil... *eyeroll* Anyway, Jensen adores Misha for his humanitarian side. 1,100.

The Perks of Being Human - Sam/Gabriel. Angels fall and Gabriel somehow slipped through as well. 1,100.

Monster in the Dark - Sam/Gabriel. Oh, they're having fun with naughty roleplaying. Porn. Warnings. 1,750.

Heaven on Earth - Sam/Gabriel. Another take on "Gabriel is back because of falling angels". 1,350.

One Hell of a Lover - Sam/Lucifer; AU. Sam should know better than to have sex with his sexy boss... 24h challenge. Turned out well. 4,000 words.

Cloudburst - Sam/Gabriel. Just AU romance. 6,400 words of it. I liked how it turned out.

On the Same Page - Team Free Love. All of them. In bed. When Dean finally decides that loving Cas isn't a catastrophe. 1,100 words.

Return of the King - Jared/Richard, sort-of Sam/Gabriel. Romance. And OMG, I ship RL Gen/Jared so hard that I felt bad about writing this. Still, I like the idea. 15,600 words.

The Art of Tying Bonds With Scissors - Sam/Castiel, Gabriel/Dean, brief Sam/Lucifer. 60,000 words. A/B/O with a twist. Liked turning the trope over and let Sam run with it.

Nothing Covered (That Shall Not Be Revealed) - Sam/Gabriel, Cas/Dean, Sam/Gabriel/Cas/Dean. Porn, baby, 24,000 words of kinky unashamed sex-pollen porn. I hope you liked it because the recipient probably didn't. At least they never cared to acknowledge the existence of it. Poor neglected fic.

Cherry Corvette - Sam/Lucifer. A red Chevy Corvette, Lucifer, Sam and front seat sex (A Corvette backseat holds a pair of Chihuahuas - if they're malnourished, so front seat it was). 4,400 words of arrogant, possessive Lucifer and bossy possessive Sam. AU.

The House Angel - Equal parts Sam/Gabriel, Cas/Dean. I love house design shows and I watch them when I'm near a TV (I don't own one). Gabriel fits right in. Ty Pennington, eat your heart out. Currently at 18K, will be around 40. Plus the planned sequel. And time stamps.

+ a yet to be published BB, around 25K.

Total: 23 fics, ~315,000 words, 5 Big Bangs. No RL.

My three favourites:

1. Laughing as a Young Man Laughs (Death/Dean)
2. Tie between The Honey Trap Test and The House Angel, both Sam/Gabriel, Cas/Dean.
3 (or rather 4 to be precise). Paving the Road Between Heaven and Hell (Crowley/Balthazar)

Oh, and I did a bit of meta too:

The Eating Habits of Archangels and Other Fierce Creatures (3/4 - still need to tie this up!)
I love Gabriel, but I suppose I disagree with most on how the canon Gabriel actually is. I don't see the cute, sweet happy-go-lucky guy. The height difference is just... No. You should stop. Gabriel can't help that he's the size of the Empire State Building, people, and you should stop as not to make Sam feel small! Anyway, I got even more tired of seeing Gabriel with a lollipop. He never eats one in canon, and here is the entire tale of what he does eat (and why he, if one wants to keep him canon, shouldn't be written as sugar addicted) and what he doesn't. And why. Also about Sam/Gabe and about Dean's appetite. 3,600 words.
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Masterpost for sastiel_bigbang 2013

Title: The Art of Tying Bonds With Scissors
Author(s): lysanatt
Artist: kidezt/Meinarch
Word Count:~60,000
Rating: NC-17
Characters & Pairing(s): Sam/Castiel, Dean/Gabriel, Sam/Lucifer (no consummation), other pairings mentioned. Anna & Sam friendship. Death, Tessa, Ash, Samandriel, Adam, Zachariah, Jo, Inias.
Content and Warnings: Hunter!AU, Romance, happy end, A/O (no /B/), arranged marriage, attempt at coercion (not between Sam/Cas, Gabriel/Dean).
Notes: First, thanks to the mods for running the BB. It's hard work, and I am happy that someone cares to do these challenges, because they are frustrating and a lot of fun. Quite a few people had to listen to me go on about the story, and Ximeria, Kabal42 and Susan were very helpful and gave me things to think about, and even better: ideas to improve. Last, but certainly not least, my wonderful artist kidetzt has been such a pleasure to work with. Not only did I get a lot of pretty art and amazing manips, but their advice and support has been never-wavering and communication has been flawless. I am so grateful to have worked with such a talented artist. Most of all, I'm happy that kidezt didn't just stay "my artist" but became "my friend" instead. <3
Summary: When Sam unexpectedly bonds with Lucifer, a high-ranking traditionalist alpha, Sam's beliefs about free will are put to the test. But bond or no bond: there is no way Sam will let biology get the better of him. When Castiel, Lucifer's younger brother, makes an offer that Sam literally cannot resist, Sam knows it's his chance to be free of Lucifer for good. Still, living with one mate while being unhappily tied to another is like tying bonds with scissors: it's doable, but it certainly isn't easy.

Link to fic: | AO3 | LJ |
Link to art: LJ
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Title:Return of the King
Author: lysanatt
Artist: theblackrose16
Word count 16,000
Pairing: Richard/Jared, Misha/Jensen on the side.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Actor!RPF, fluffy romance
Warnings: Minor spoilers for S8/9
Notes: This story was written long before the most recent kerfluffle about Destiel and the SPN writers, and any similarities between the events in RL and the events briefly mentioned in the fic are merely coincidental.
Summary: When a recently-divorced and rather drunk Jared swears that he'll marry the next person stepping into the bar he's at, he really, really didn't expect it to be Richard. Unfortunately Misha and Jensen aren't going to let him forget the promise he made, and to his surprise, neither is Richard. Later, when the show's writers decide that Gabriel is returning, Jared has reached a state of confusion in regard to his relationship with Richard. Richard, however, is more than happy to help him sort it all out.
Link to art: LJ
Link to fic: LJ | A03

Return of the King, Part ICollapse )